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About Shannondoah

 The most important parts of my life are the people that I share my life with. My 3 sons and my husband are the most precious part of that to me, it also includes all the amazing people that I’ve been able to share in their families stories. My clients and their families essentially become part of my family, we grow very close and share something very special. I stay in contact with most of the families that I work with and get to see those beautiful babies grow. 

I am a doula (montrice), midwife, massage therapist, hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner. I am constantly trying to better myself by adding to my education and working with people that educate me just as much as any class. I love what I do and the people I get share that with.


I offer many different services and trainings, depending on what the parents want and need.  Services that I offer include birth and postpartum doula services, massage and hypnobirthing, I also offer placenta encapsulation.

 I help get my families ready for their birth and baby. It is different each time, but my goal is to make sure that the parents are as prepared as they can be.   

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I would love to talk to you in person and answer any questions that you have and explain my services in detail to you.  We can set up a consultation, free of charge, and you can get a better feel of who I am and what I do.  I'm always available to my momma's, before and after their birth, and am always happy to answer any questions that anyone has.


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